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No Context Video

In: No Context Video

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 6:51 pm

7 Apr 2011

Soooo wait, what exactly are you implying here? We got a gross 80-year-old pregnant chick, another nasty old lady, a massive black dude, and a stand-by obstetrician all packed into a clearly sanitized arena break room. No problem, I can handle that, par for the course for the WWF. And then next thing you know…BAM! Out pops an adult male hand.

The way I see it that leaves us with four possible scenarios: 1) This old bitch got banged by an alien that looks like a hand; 2) This old bitch got banged by a dude with a rather strange mutant power; 3) Some poor handless bastard is walking around the hallways wishing he never fingerbanged a senile hag’s bear trap; or 4) This old bitch just shat out a hand and was never really pregnant to begin with.  Sadly I hope it’s option 2 because that makes me want to puke the least.

Hang on, she was sucking down a stogie this whole scene.  It’s those damn The Truth kids again isn’t it?  Just infiltrating the fuck out of every organization in the country.  God forbid I can watch a horribly written Grandma hand-birth scene without those liberal pricks lecturing me about the ill effects of tobacco use on an unborn fetus.

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