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No Context Video

In: No Context Video

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 6:51 pm

7 Apr 2011

Soooo wait, what exactly are you implying here? We got a gross 80-year-old pregnant chick, another nasty old lady, a massive black dude, and a stand-by obstetrician all packed into a clearly sanitized arena break room. No problem, I can handle that, par for the course for the WWF. And then next thing you know…BAM! Out pops an adult male hand.

The way I see it that leaves us with four possible scenarios: 1) This old bitch got banged by an alien that looks like a hand; 2) This old bitch got banged by a dude with a rather strange mutant power; 3) Some poor handless bastard is walking around the hallways wishing he never fingerbanged a senile hag’s bear trap; or 4) This old bitch just shat out a hand and was never really pregnant to begin with.  Sadly I hope it’s option 2 because that makes me want to puke the least.

Hang on, she was sucking down a stogie this whole scene.  It’s those damn The Truth kids again isn’t it?  Just infiltrating the fuck out of every organization in the country.  God forbid I can watch a horribly written Grandma hand-birth scene without those liberal pricks viagra prescription online lecturing me about the ill effects of tobacco use on an unborn fetus.payday loans in maryland locations payday loan with monthly payments

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