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Clean as a Whistle

In: Sports

Posted By: The Booze at 10:07 am

25 Mar 2011

First off, I had a lot of fun watching that game last night. So many great goals, so many great saves, an awesome open-ice hit by Marchand…Thought I was going to have a fucking awesome morning as a result. Instead, I turn on the radio to hear DA and Wallach say that Marchand’s hit was borderline, he needs to chill out, and that he’s probably going to get suspended.

I wanted to go down to the radio station and hang those fairies by their panties from a rusty nail on top of the Sports Hub building. Marchand’s hit on Gomez was completely clean. There’s no question. It’s an open ice hit to the chest and it came directly at him. That wasn’t blindside, it wasn’t to the head, and it wasn’t interference. Marchand’s arms extend after contact which is a fundamental way to finish the hit without being run over yourself. Anybody that knows hockey knows that was simply an awesome hit.

Now I don’t expect the league to even pick up the phone about this, never mind consider a suspension. I’d like to think they know a good open-ice hit when they see one. But the media is scrutinizing  almost every single hit these days. Get off your fucking pink pony. This is hockey. It’s a contact sport. If you don’t keep your head up and you have the puck, you’re gonna get run. Gomez shot back right up after the hit, so I give him credit. He knew he put himself in a vulnerable position and he wasn’t trying to milk a call. Canadiens are known for divin and embellishing, but Gomez earned some respect from me right there. I still hate him, but nice to see that kind of respect for the game.

Those are my two cents people. GFY, habs fans.

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