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Remember This?

In: Sports

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 11:45 am

9 Mar 2011

I’m not saying Pacioretty deserved to be embedded in plexiglass at a 90 degree angle, but you reap what you sow. You won the game, act like you’ve been there before. How could you expect to act like a little bitch and talk shit to the captain of the team you just beat in OT and think nothing would ever happen to you? Dude’s Russian. Man don’t give a fuck. Pretty sure he was raised on the “eye for an eye” system of cold justice back home in the motherland. He’ll introduce you to a stanchion on pure instinct first time he gets a chance. He’s not trying to Travis Roy you, he’s just reacting to the fact that the juiciest hit in the world is lining up before his eyes and the target just so happens to be the fuckhead who thought he could disrespect the strongest man in the sport without repercussion. You’re telling me you wouldn’t take that opportunity to plant him into the glass if you were in Chara’s skates? The last thing you’re thinking about is giving a guy a concussion but shit happens.

All that being said, Chara should probably get a few games, especially because the hit has this slight revenge vibe to it. Sometimes a hit is just dirty by its very nature and it doesn’t matter what the odds were of the guy actually getting hurt. In this case, you shouldn’t need intent to justify a suspension, the act alone is enough.  Anyone have news on Pacioretty?

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