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Warning: Dangerous Dog…man

In: Youtube

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 8:30 am

2 Mar 2011

Everyone needs to cool it a minute here.  The man is just trying to prove a point.  When you get your 15 seconds you make sure you leave your mark, and then preferably piss all over that mark, light it on fire, and stare at the camera with your back to the flames.

Reporter: What exactly did the dogs do when they saw you?
Ray Graham: They fucking did this, Sally.  And you bet your shoulder-padded ass something will now be done about it.

That’s how you get shit done.  You don’t mess with that brand of crazy.  When played right, it’s also how you make a quick buck.  If you’re lucky you’ll end up like the double rainbow idiot, the bed intruder guy, the Jersey Shore cast, and on and on it goes.  Unfortunately I don’t see a book deal in Ray’s future (even though he’s already been autotuned).  He wouldn’t know how to market himself properly even if there was something here to sell.  I’ll guarantee you one thing though – Ray has definitely pulled a Patrick Bateman with that poor wife of his a time or two.  Just rocks that face in the mirror like you read about.

PS – That was way more fucked up than that creepy old lady with the weird teeth in Legion.  It almost looked like one of those internet prank videos where someone’s face suddenly turns into a demon and leaps out at you from the screen.  Maybe he can run a haunted house to make his millions.

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