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Fun With Sheen

In: BoozeWorthy Originals

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 11:21 am

28 Feb 2011

The man has reached immortality.  Now you can drink some Jack Daniels, smoke some Bob Marley, and blow some Charlie Sheen all in one sitting.  And if you’re Bree Olsen I mean “blow” in every sense of the word.  The best part of this whole fiasco is that Charlie doesn’t realize he sounds like a complete nutjob, kind of like what Detective Mills tells John Doe at the end of Seven.   So thankfully we can expect a lot more nonsense in the months ahead.  Or until Charlie drops dead.  Whichever comes first.

PS – I heard on Toucher and Rich this morning that there’s another 40 minutes worth of that Charlie Sheen rant, during which time Lenny Dykstra joins the conversation.  Apparently, that crazy bastard is another one of the Vatican assassin warlocks Charlie speaks so highly of.  So when Charlie babbles on about “Nails” at one point in the video, he’s actually referring to Lenny “I’m going bankrupt over Gretzky’s estate” Dykstra.  Someone needs to find that tape.

Update: Live interview with Charlie taking place on tmz.  Bree is chilling in the background with another goddess.  Does anyone else feel like he’s just been hanging out with Brian Wilson a lot?  So now he’s adopted his mannerisms and way of speaking, exactly like Alan copying Phil in The Hangover?  He’s got a Giants hat on right now for pete’s sake.

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