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The Tiger Woods Problem

In: Comics

Posted By: The Booze at 4:42 pm

14 Feb 2011

In other Tiger news, he’s catching some flack today for spitting on the green in Dubai over the weekend. Can we cut this guy a break? He probably shouldn’t have done it, but this hardly warrants the level of disgust that’s circulating the internet. You see John Daly and Angel Cabrera chain smoking every round and you don’t think they have an inclination to hock a loogie once in a while? The guy bangs 18 holes behind his wife’s back and now he’s gonna catch shit for changing lanes without a directional. Back in the old days when men ran the papers, this nonsense would be swept under the rug.

The guy is an athlete. He was frustrated. Spitting is something men do without giving it a second thought. It’s part instinct and we all know he has trouble controlling those. So until the guy gets caught sand wedging Michelle Wie at Augusta, I think we should leave him alone. And give him a high five if that actually happens.

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