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I can't stand bros

In: Youtube

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 1:28 pm

7 Feb 2011

This video was posted on the stool today but for whatever reason el pres let these guys off the hook.  As a Trinity grad I feel like I have to step in and point out that these kids in no way shape or form represent the school population as a whole.  It’s bad enough that these idiots are gaying it up at their nightly pregame, but it’s even more embarrassing that not one legit punch was thrown.  Rocky threw harder punches at the heavy bag when he was learning how to punch righty.  Just disgraceful.  I can’t be the only one who thought the Hurt Locker scene was gayer than a cock-flavored lollipop.  In fact, Kathryn Bigelow filmed it that way on purpose.  Why you would ever film a reenactment and send it in to the biggest blog going is beyond me.  I lived in that dorm in the video Sophomore year and we handled things a lot better than that.  We lived above a main walkway on campus and could call to anyone passing below.  No tickle fights for us.

And yes I’m just as surprised as you are that Phil from Lost goes to Trinity now.  Gun show!  For me, for my body size.  Poor guy was practically begging to be included but was too nervous to jump in and volunteer.

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