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Aliens are attacking the Jews

In: Youtube

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 12:16 pm

1 Feb 2011

I did a little research and there’s no consensus out there yet on whether this is total bullshit or real.  It happened three days ago in Jerusalem above the Dome of the Mount.  Commenters have been saying it’s fake because two of the vids were filmed from the same angle at the same vantage point.  To me it just looks like a couple buddies who saw a fucked up glowing orb in the sky and pulled out their phones – fine by me.  Commenters also point out that the red lights in the sky don’t blink at the same time when you synchronize the two videos side by side.  That’s a dumb argument too because there’s no way you can measure that from the crappy picture quality.   And then there’s the third video which I think pretty much proves it’s not a perspective trick using cameras and angles.  What are the odds a couple of Israelis on one side of the city witness and react to the exact same event as a group of American southerners right next to the Dome?  There are red lights blinking in the sky and another brighter light moving below.  That happened, no camera trick.  The question is whether there’s a logical reason for that happening.  Maybe it’s a Palestinian death blimp.  Maybe the Israelis had a bunch of choppers up there and they were doing some sort of show over the city for a Jew holiday we aren’t aware of because we don’t get it off from work.  Maybe God just likes fucking with the people from his hometown.  In my opinion it looks like a lazer light show, though it’s weird that it’s happening at 1:00 in the morning.  So probably just a prank by guys with lazers.  I only know two things for sure after watching these clips: 1) that thing moved pretty fucking quick and 2) there are Jews living in Mississippi.  You learn something new everyday.

UPDATE: Another video below showing how this can be recreated with CGI effects.   claims the third video above is just a photograph with the camera moving around and voices were added later.   Damn good hoax if they’re right.

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