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I Am Not Amused

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Posted By: The Booze at 1:50 pm

28 Jan 2011

Dear Boozers,

I want to take this opportunity to say that I’m sorry for days like this when it appears there is a complete lack of effort on my part to update this website. On some occasions, I am guilty of a lack of effort. I will admit that. However, keep in mind that sometimes appearances can be deceptive.

I am merely a good samaritan who tries to bring the funniest stuff on the web together onto one awesome website. In order for this operation to run smoothly, myself and my team have to be the judge of what is funny on the internet. Therefore, there are days like today when the quantity of posts is diminished due to our focus on quality of posts. Sometimes the interwebs don’t make me laugh.

Sure, I could easily jump on the internet and pull the first embed code for a video featuring a cat wearing a peter pan outfit, post it, and walk away. I could do that in less than a minute, but I don’t because we have high standards over here. Not everything on digg, yahoo, lamebook, or reddit is boozeworthy.

So next time you visit the site and see the same dumb shit you saw yesterday, remember that I don’t give a fuck. You’ll get new posts when I’m good and ready. Now excuse me while I further hinder my productivity at work by sifting through mildly amusing bullshit in order to weed out the cream of the crop.


The Booze

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