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And Shit

In: Random

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 1:17 pm

26 Jan 2011

How does this even happen to a person?  How does “and shit” get so ingrained in one’s vocabulary that you repeat the phrase after every sentence in a 2 hour stage show?  How the fuck did Kevin Smith even get a 2 hour show?  More importantly, who the fuck would ever want to listen to this jackwagon for 2 hours?  I chose to sit through Clash of the Titans ondemand last night over Cop Out, and Clash of the Titans was fricking terrible.  All I know is “and shit” is threatening to replace “you know” as the world’s most annoying tick.  Hockey players everywhere rejoice and shit.

Anyone else have a John Hammond moment watching this?

(via filmdrunk)

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