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The Evolution of Nic Cage’s Hair

In: Movies

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 1:58 pm

20 Jan 2011

I was scanning Pajiba today, and I started to read one of the video titles.  I got through “The Evolution of Nicolas C–” and boom I immediately embedded it into a blog post.  Didn’t even watch it.  No need to.  There is no other actor on the planet that has that effect, and that is such a bizarre trend.  And it’s not just Boozeworthy either.  Every blog these days laughs at Nic Cage’s expense.  It’s works out for everyone involved – we get a pick-me-up in the middle of our workday and Nic Cage gets to pay off his debts from dinosaur skulls and rare exotic pets.  Anyway, I watched the video and needless to say it was incredible.  It reminded me of two things: 1) Nic Cage used to be even goofier looking as a kid and 2) I haven’t seen Leaving Las Vegas or Lord of War in a long time.  Let’s get a drink!

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  • Greg

    He does have some weird hairstyles, but he makes some good movies. What’s with the voice anyway?

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