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Great Apology

In: Youtube

Posted By: The Booze at 3:04 pm

13 Dec 2010

Haha straight from the heart. Couldn’t have apologized better myself. I’m actually surprised that girl accepted the apology and then apologized herself. I don’t even know the context, but the girls I know take their grudges to the grave. I’m gonna guess that she still wants to bang him, otherwise that apology wouldn’t have gone down so easily.

Women crave drama. Men can fist fight someone one minute, turn around and buy him a beer a half hour later. At least straight men anyway. I once said ”that’s gay” around a gay guy. He was offended, but I think he misunderstood me. I didn’t mean gay as in homosexual. I mean gay as in “not cool” or ”whack.” That makes it so much better, right? right?

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