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Will This Movie Suck? The Fighter

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 1:14 am

2 Dec 2010

This trailer’s been all over the internet today, but it’s way too sick not to post.  Feel like I just saw the whole fucking movie a little bit but that’s okay.  It was worth it.  Now, it’s very important not to get your hopes up too high from a trailer, but it’s okay to form a few opinions about how it might turn out.  If this flick has any shot at being any good, then it’s got to pull off a few critical things.  Let us pray:

-That the boxing scenes look believable.  Rocky phantom swings and Cinderella Man contact camera flashes will piss me off forever.

-On the same note, that the boxers don’t take Rocky Apollo damage to the face with their hands at their waist a million times per round.  I know the Ward/Gatti fight was brutal but I need me some realism.

-That the Amy Adams punching some chick in the face scene isn’t as movie-wrecking as it looks in that split second clip.

-That this will be a Boston movie where the actors actually pull off decent accents.  I don’t want it to be something I constantly think about the entire fucking movie.  I want Casey Affleck in Good Will, Amy Ryan in Gone Baby Gone, Wahlberg in The Departed, and most of the guys in Eddie Coyle.  I don’t want Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness, Vera Farmiga and Martin Sheen in The Departed, or Tim Robbins in Mystic River (“Vampires and Werewolves” got him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, believe it or not).  You get the idea.  I still haven’t seen The Town so I can’t tell you how Jeremy Renner did but it looked suspect from the trailer.

Lawd, hear our prayeah.

(via filmdrunk)

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