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Entire Soccer Team Chases a Referee

In: Sports

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 2:25 pm

29 Nov 2010

This video just shot to the top of the “Why Soccer Sucks Dick” scale, and that’s no easy feat.  All the obvious elements are in there.  Soccer players bitch about a call, a player takes a dive, a ref thinks he’s a gazelle.  But it also has that extra rare feature of a full team of players actually chasing a ref around a field.  I’ve never seen that before in any sport ever.  And they looked like such pussies taking little ballet swings at the fleeing ref.  Like pretty sure the game’s over now guys – you can use your arms again.  Nice job getting the Indian midget from Eastbound & Down to narrate the video, too.  Swear it was him at the 1:46 mark.

So damn frustrating because there were so many times where the players took a dive when they still looked like they could have made a play.  Maybe consider catching up to a ball in the offensive goal box before it goes out of bounds instead of looking like a complete fucking asshole on national television.  Who knows?  Maybe you could get a pass through to a crashing teammate.  Maybe retain control instead of giving the other team a goal kick.  Just blows my mind that diving is a part of the game.  Install a fine for diving like the NHL and a lot of it would go away.  So beyond obviously needed but European soccer will never change.

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