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America’s New WMD: Krispy Kreme Donuts

In: Random

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 2:34 pm

5 Nov 2010

Look at these Chinese people line up for Krispy Kreme donuts!  Gland opening indeed!  You commies think you own our asses because of a measly $900 billion worth of debt?  Fuck that noise.  We’ll send over an army of krispy kreme donut shops and blow up your country’s obesity rate.  We’ll see how well your economy functions when half your work force can’t fit into their smart cars anymore.  America fuck yeah!

For cereal though, the best part about this story is that it led me to the video below.  Nic Cage tearing shit up in Windtalkers – one of the only movies I’ve ever rented and stopped watching halfway through because it was such an incredible piece of shit.  But stick Nic Cage into a montage and it becomes gold, Jerry.  Gold.

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  • Hunk4u_fu

    where the fuck is WMD AMERICA ????n?ndo got WMD in iraq yes or no ??????nni think WMD is ASS OF BUSH ….

  • Colt0101

    I think people who come on an American aimed at fun and entertainment and talk about politics are idiots.

  • jj

    can’t speak english and can’t detect sarcasm…fail

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