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The Life of a Rager

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 12:39 pm

1 Nov 2010

Might as well post some site news while we’re still on the subject of raging.  We have a new wingman for you to check out this fine Monday morning.  Obviously, if you need a description of what the site is all about then you’re a re-tard.  Most of the writers are homegrown massholes so whatever events they set up in the future will likely take place in the Bean.  There’s talk of renting out McFadden’s before year’s end, so we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the details.  Not my favorite bar by any stretch because I don’t like being packed into a 5 foot wide bar space all night, but that back room is legit and provides plenty of room for everyone to get their rage on.  So head on over to their site, toss them some traffic, click on the ads, and we’ll get this shit started. Ragers and Boozehounds go together like lamb and tuna fish.

“What is Raging?”

1. Raging is not “partying.” Ragers do not wake up Friday morning, look in the mirror and say, “Ugh, thank GOD it’s Friday. I wonder what my friends wanna do tonight.” Keep in mind that if you do this on a regular basis you need not read this site. A Rager is not out striving for mediocrity like a “partier.”

2. Urban dictionary says Raging is the lesser form of “raving.” Laughable. Raving is a bunch of mindless hippies bouncing around like a rubber ball on acid. Raging requires intent focus with a clear, concise objective; Rage harder than ever before. Push your limits until they cannot be pushed and always, always exceed your max.

3. “When do you rage?” – Raging does not stop. It is a constant state of mind. It does not cease to exist like “partying” or “raving” which occur on weekends and occasional weeknights when shitty bands couldn’t get a Friday or Saturday night venue. You will not find Ragers intertwining themselves with the inferior. Come Friday, a Rager has been going and is ready to go.

4. Raging is reaching the utmost extreme in all aspects of life.

Raging is a hardship. It is a hardship that few have ever endured. It is business. It is relentless and never-ending. With that said, I present the Life of a Rager.


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