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Mel Gibson Will Be In The Hangover 2

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Posted By: The Booze at 11:37 am

19 Oct 2010

LA WeeklyAfter an R-rated summer of racial slurring and baby-mama beating, Mel Gibson is hoping for a fresh start — as a tattoo artist from Thailand.

NBC Los Angeles reported this morning that Gibson will be making a cameo in “The Hangover 2,” the July 2010 sequel to 2009′s wildly popular stoner comedy “The Hangover.”

This Malibu megastar isn’t the first down-and-out celebrity to invest a comeback in mainstream comedy:

In the original “Hangover,” bad-boy boxer Mike Tyson — who has, like Gibson, struggled with substance abuse, to say the least — played himself in a lighthearted bit part. (Unfortunately, Tyson later ripped off the Band-Aid by announcing he had done the film to “supply his drug habit.”)

Excellent. There is just way too much dirt on this guy for his cameo not to be funny. There’s nobody more vulnerable to comedic gold than an actor whose life is in shambles. Hopefully they get Lindsay Lohan and Ben Roethlisberger in there too. The Hangover and Step Brothers sequels are definitely the most anticipated comedies on my list right now. I want to get excited about Bill and Ted 3, but I’ll wait until I see a preview for that.

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  • Greg Johnson

    It'll be interesting to see!

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