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This Week in Idiots…

In: Random

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 12:08 pm

27 Sep 2010

Who’s dumber?  The narrator in the video or the commenters on who totally missed the entire reason the website posted the clip in the first place?  You be the judge.

- “omg guys its being TOWED you idiots, how didnt break realise this!!!!?” – fraserchurchill

- “ok your all stupid THIS LADY IS A DUMB FUCKEN WOMEN this truck was being towed by another truck i see it befor its not going backwards u bimbo y dont go learn something u female start off by reading your right  you see that theirs nothing their CUZ YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS” -noob310

- “you can tell by her voice tonality and inflection that her esophagus is under unnatural pressure from the fat laden throat flaps drooping around her neck and head.” – flankston

Well said, flankston.  Well said.  Of course this is all assuming the video is genuine.

(via break)

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