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Jack Me Up, Man!!!

In: Youtube

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 1:09 pm

20 Sep 2010

When he set up his joke by telling his “audience” that he met a guy while out riding his bike, I thought he meant that he was out exercising on a Huffy.   But then I realized he meant motorcycle, and the rest of the joke made perfect sense.

Sarcasm aside, when Comedian/Entertainer/Masseur Daniel Songer tells you that this is his 143rd comedy act, he fucking means it.  He’s not just freestyling and saying the first number that pops into his head.  He actually has 148 “comedy acts” uploaded to youtube.  And they’re all pretty much the same.

By the way, this guy has to be the father of your youth hockey teammate when you were 12, right?  Your office co-worker who always smells faintly of onions?  A frequent patron of the bar inside the Chinese restaurant in your home town?  Someone who watches a lot of fishing programs on TV?  That guy who no one invited but somehow showed up to the party anyway?  One of those.

(via filmdrunk)

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