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Fight At The US Open

In: Sports

Posted By: The Booze at 11:08 am

3 Sep 2010

This is why women suck. They run their mouths like nobody’s business and expect the guys they’re with to fight their battles for them. I’m told this kid was swearing too much for her liking and she said something to him. Honey, you’re in the nosebleed section. You aren’t entitled to good behavior. If you want to watch tennis with yuppies pay for the loge seats. Keep your trap shut. It pains me to defend such an obvious bro namath, but the kid has a right to get drunk and have fun in the bleacher seats.

Thanks to Chris from for the tip.

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  • Doc

    That was epic. Think about the thought process that went through that old dude's head that eventually led him to throw punches. Almost all fights start because neither opponent will back down while they're being watched by other people. It's like an image thing. That's why 99% fights take place in public. But not this dude. He's too old to give a shit about his rep. He fought for honor. He fought for pride. He fought for love.

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