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2010 Emmy Intro

In: Random

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 2:58 pm

30 Aug 2010

Safe to say they fucking crushed it right there.  The Emmy intros are usually well-made and last night was no exception.  Jimmy Fallon nailed a halfway decent Boss impression.  I’ve always been rather indifferent about Fallon but he’s actually grown on me recently because his late night show’s pretty funny.  Then they take a dump on Kate Gosselin’s chest.  Love how she plays along like she’s making fun of herself but everyone will still hate her despite the effort.  Then out comes Jon Hamm, who should do more comedies whenever Mad Men wraps up because he’s hilarious.  Next, Hurley makes an awesome appearance and he even nails a quick solo.  I wished they showed more of Jorge on stage to see how the big man was holding up with the exercise.  Of course, nothing in life is ever perfect, and Randy Jackson rolls hit fat ass out on stage like a total idiot, like that guy that shows up at the party that everone hates and specifically did not invite but he shows up anyway.  Like you’re not funny dude.  Grab the mic stand and waddle back into the shadows from whence you came.  All in all, good stuff.  At the very least, it gave us something to laugh at while we wait for all the fall shows to start up again.

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