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Trapped Chilean Miners Must Wait Four Months For Rescue

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 1:58 pm

23 Aug 2010

Guardian – Joy greeted the news that a group of Chilean miners trapped for 17 days deep inside a collapsed mine are still alive but the challenge now facing the 33 men is to maintain their sanity during the four months it will take to free them.  A rescue probe that drilled down 2,257 ft to the bottom of the San José mine made contact with the miners yesterday, who sent back a message reading: “All 33 of us are well inside the shelter.”

Video footage of one of the miners, taken with a small camera sent underground after receipt of the handwritten message, was obtained by CNN Chile.  There has been no audio contact yet but the unnamed man appeared to be in good spirits.  Chilean authorities intend to send microphones down to communicate with the miners directly. Food, water, medicine and other supplies will also be sent down into the mine.  Rescue equipment from around the world is being rushed in to build an underground escape tunnel.  But officials said it would take at least four months to carve a second shaft some 68cm in diameter, wide enough for the miners to be pulled up one by one.

I want to be optimistic here, but I feel like some real fucked up shit is going to happen down in that shelter.  Four months in a dark, oxygen-deprived hotbox with 32 other dudes will drive anyone to the breaking point.  Out of 33 miners, you have to figure at least a couple of them have a few screws loose.  It’s just mathematically impossible for there to be 33 sane, reasonable dirty Chilean miners trapped in a chamber 2,257 feet under the ground.  Some of them are going to start pulling some Lord of the Flies shit by Halloween, mark my words.  Sober charades can only be entertaining for so long at a 4-month sausage fest.

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  • Joij

    I agree…It will be Lord of the Flies in about 45 days.

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