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Cat Killer

In: WTF?

Posted By: The Booze at 11:34 am

23 Aug 2010

I’m allergic to cats, so pardon me if I’m not overly sympathetic. Cats do nothing but make me feel miserable. Take the other night for instance: I went back to a girl’s place after a night at the bar only to be greeted by a feline upon entry to her apartment. A perfectly good situation had been sabotaged by cat kryptonite. Did I stay the night anyway? You bet your ass I did. I left the next day with bloodshot eyes, scratching my neck like a crack addict. Good times.

That said, I would never condone what happened in that video. Clearly that woman has issues. It was a silent video though, so maybe we missed the part where the cat called her a cunt.

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