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Soccer Players Love to Dive

In: Sports

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 11:35 am

16 Aug 2010

Tough video to break down, but I think I’m on Michael Phelps’ side on this one.  He was hustling up the right hand side on an arc that I think would’ve allowed him to stop or avoid the barrier.  But then that actress in blue gave Phelps a little nudge, just enough to steer him toward the edge.  He was running so fast so close to the sideline that it didn’t take much to send him flying.  Even if he wasn’t shoved and he was going over anyway, Phelps still had to blame someone else.  Otherwise he was just an idiot who ran headlong into a freezing trough of water in front of 60,000 people.  Lastly, that douche in blue is the reason I can’t stand watching soccer.  Asshole was just standing there waiting for his chance to go down to a phantom headbutt.  He was almost pissing his pants he was so anxious to take that dive.  Soccer players should have to wear shock collars that activate whenever a sideline ref determines that the player took a dive.  Either that or we could give the refs pistols.

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