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Drunk Idiots Get Clubbed In Chinatown

In: Youtube

Posted By: The Booze at 10:07 am

12 Aug 2010

Those shitheads got what was coming to them. Who climbs on the hood of random people’s cars trying to start trouble? I’ve noticed a lot of bros in Boston these days have been flexing their beer muscles. I feel like every time I go out I have to deal with some douche trying to stir up the pot. It was very satisfying to watch these guys get clubbed with a bat. Anyone else think the camera man was beating off to this the whole time?

I show up to the Harp a couple weeks back and head to the bar downstairs to order a drink. This guy was leaning against the bar talking to a girl and starts yelling at me “HEY! HEY!” as I’m waiting to order a drink. There was nobody else around me so I knew it was directed at me. I turned my head to look and he goes “What the fuck are you looking at dipshit?” It was such a retarded attempt at causing trouble that I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction. I pretended I didn’t hear him, ordered my beer, and went upstairs. Call me a pussy, but I’m not about to get thrown out of the Harp 30 seconds after paying a $10 cover charge.

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  • Derek

    I guess maybe thats why places with a steep cover charge are slightly safer… years ago at Avalon, probably around 92 or so, before cell phones exploded on the scene, I was in the men's room using the pay phone, some dude was waiting behind me with his arms folded and a pissed off look, I finished my call to my girlfriend and said, are you waiting for this? He said, “No I'm just standing here for my health!

    So I turn around and said “Dude, you're lucky its only 11, if it was 1:30 I would have kicked your ass for that!” Thats why I always leave the clubs a good thirty to forty minutes before closing, to avoid this exact situation…

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