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McNugget Rage

In: WTF?

Posted By: The Booze at 9:04 am

10 Aug 2010

Apparently the backstory here is that McDonalds was serving their breakfast menu at the time of this order and could not accommodate a request for McNuggets. The customer was not too happy about this and decided to loose her shit on the drive thru employee.

Now I can’t say I understand this. Who would want chicken nuggets in the morning when they can have a mcgriddle? I’m always pumped when I make it to McDonald’s in time for the breakfast options. Unfortunately I only seem to crave a mcgriddle when I’m hungover on the weekend and there’s no way I’m waking up early enough to grab one after a long night of drinking. It’s aggravating for sure, but I’m not about to take a tire iron to a store window

My final thought is that this video sucks without sound. I might have to do a voiceover here. It’s 2010 Ronald, get some fuckin microphones on your security cameras.

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  • doc

    I love how the next guy in line pulls up like “uh, so can I get that mcmuffin now?” Like a Larry David moment.

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