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Entourage Will Conclude In 2011

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Posted By: The Booze at 10:08 am

10 Aug 2010

THRHBO has made it official: “Entourage” will end next summer. The network will order a shortened final season of its longest-running series, possibly only six episodes, which will bring the show to a conclusion in 2011.

“Next summer will definitely be the final season,” HBO programming president Michael Lombardo told critics Saturday during the final day of the Television Critics Assn.’s summer press tour.

Lombardo added that creator Doug Ellin still might write a feature-length “Entourage” film, but he also noted that Ellin is pitching new projects to the network and that it’s likely the writer-producer soon will be involved in another show.

Entourage was never the best-acted show, but it has always been good for a few laughs and each episode gives us a glimpse into a lifestyle most people would kill to have. It will be sad to see it end, but you can’t blame the writers for hanging it up.

The ups and downs of Vince’s career could only be captivating for so long. A lot of people will argue that E and Ari have always been the main characters of the show, but the central plotlines revolved around Vince’s lifestyle and career moves through the first 6 seasons.

In this season we’re seeing the writers run out of ideas for Vince’s character. They’ve stuck him at home with a porn star and given him a drug problem. E is now hanging with Scott Lavin. Ari has become too big for his favorite client. It was only a matter of time before they called it quits.

That said, the show is still fun to watch and I’ll stick with it to the end. Ari’s conflict with Lizzy Grant and Amanda Daniels is setting up to be quite entertaining and should carry the remainder of the season. All good things must come to an end, let’s just hope the ending doesnt disappoint like the Sopranos and LOST finales so famously did.

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  • JPizzle

    Good post until the last 5 words.

  • Mr. Cluck

    anyone that hated the finale missed the whole point of the show

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