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This SNL Reject Is Funnier Than Most Of The Current Cast

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Posted By: The Booze at 11:09 am

9 Aug 2010

SNL is so disappointing these days. How can a show with so much creative freedom fail week after week? What used to be a stomping ground for future stars is now just a promotional vehicle for each host’s new movie/show/album. I could create skits 10x better than the shit they come up with nowadays. How about a skit involving the awkwardness of getting a haircut and the uncomfortable eye contact that takes place when they line up your sideburns? How about a skit in which Michael Phelps takes viagra before a swim meet? Create a character on weekend update who says what’s on every guy’s mind…”Why wasnt there a hotter actress in Bourne Identity?” “How do I make sure I have male offspring?” “Why did I have to see Sasha Grey’s enormous bush on Entourage this week?” “There wasn’t enough nudity in Toy Story 3″ I could go all day.

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