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Woman Has Nudie Pics Stolen By Dell Technician, Then Sends Him Her Laptop

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:27 am

30 Jul 2010

This video must be like porn for con artists. All the scammers out there must dream of the day they find someone as dumb as this cougar. First of all, if you’re going to put naked photos of yourself on your computer, wouldn’t you save them somewhere easy to remember? Calling Dell for help finding your porn files is beyond my comprehension.

Then, when you see your porn files being downloaded to another hard drive, wouldn’t your first reaction be to cut off your internet connection? I certainly don’t think mailing your laptop to the perpetrator is the appropriate response to said events.

It’s gullible people like this that encourage Nigerian Princes to contact me via email. I think it’s time we start selling restricted laptops to the computer illiterate. A product with very limited capabilities, like the shrek cell phone, to ensure dumb people cant do too much damage in the cyber world. If we give them the essentials like porn access, minesweeper, and Microsoft Word they should be fine. Ok, I’ve shared enough of my brilliance for one day.

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