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Archive for June, 2010

Baby Laughs A Lot

In: Commercials

29 Jun 2010


In: WTF?

28 Jun 2010

Anyone know the backstory on this? Is the Incredible Hulk on the loose?

Hair Cubed

In: Commercials

28 Jun 2010

- Thanks to Billy for the tip.

Times Are Tough.

In: Random

28 Jun 2010


In: Youtube

28 Jun 2010

The day is upon us. The 2010 NHL draft will begin tonight at 7:00 PM. Just a few hours from now, either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin will be pulling a Bruins sweater over his head. Over┬áthe past six months I’ve read an absurd amount of articles, scouting reports, and rumors about these two players. [...]

I couldn’t find the embed code, so click the picture to watch the video on Ken Griffey Jr. needs to lighten up a bit. Did you see him after the OJ joke? The guy looked like he just saw two dudes making out.


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