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A Story Of Mooning, Motorcycles, Puppies, And Bulldozers

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:22 am

17 Jun 2010

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Orange News - A German student created a major traffic jam in Bavaria when he ‘mooned’ a group of Hell’s Angels, hurled a puppy at them and then escaped on a bulldozer.

The 26-year-old drove into the grounds of the motorcycle gang members’ clubhouse north of Munich, according to reports in local media. The young man, who was not identified, then dropped his pants, threw the puppy, and then fled.
After making his getaway, he stole the bulldozer from a nearby construction site, and attempted to drive it to Munich. However, it was not fast enough, and his snail-like pace caused a three-mile traffic jam near the southern town of Allershausen. He then fled to his home nearby where he was apprehended by the police.

It’s not often you come across a news story that pushes the boundaries of plausibility. If I were to read about animal abuse on the first page of the newspaper, theft of a construction vehicle on page B2, and public indecency on C3, I wouldn’t think much of it at all. But when they all come together in one ridiculous article my mind is blown. I’ve had dreams that make more sense than that story. Regardless, props to that guy for terrorizing a biker gang. They probably deserved it.

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