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Sarah Palin Got Implants, Says Report

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Posted By: Alfred K at 9:15 am

10 Jun 2010

Before and After

Women, it is known, can use a variety of tricks to look different than how they are, especially when it comes to their figure or size of their assets. One can look thinner or, oppositely, plumper by wearing the right clothes, the right colors, and the right cuts and accessories. Similarly, one can create the impression of a bigger chest by wearing a good top or an even better padded bra. Or by simply going to the surgeon’s and having implants put in, which seems to be the case with Mrs. Palin, Wonkette and Gawker believe.

“We got a political news tip on our Facebook page from Wonkette operative ‘Laura,’ and it goes like this: ‘Sarah Palin 12/09 no [breasts] #Sarah Palin today, Instant [breasts]! only her #plasticsurgeon knows4sure.’ We are not fluent in the Twitter-Facebook dialects, but somehow we can follow the gist. […] And, having just now checked our tipster’s hunch with another woman (also, coincidentally, named ‘Laura’), we can report with confidence that at least two people with experience in having breasts say that Sarah Palin sure looks like she was trotting out some new work at the horse races on Sunday,” Wonkette writes.

Ahh, the old boob job trick. Well played Sarah. You realize that the people who already buy into your garbage are never going to change, and the people who oppose you might–just might–get lulled into a lustful semi-conciousness at the sight of your luscious melons.

Well you dont have me fooled you crazy bitch! Wait…huh…oooh….zzzzz….snore….

Picture of me on voting day

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