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Mortal Kombat Rebirth

In: Movies

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 8:50 am

10 Jun 2010

Don’t get all fired up yet.  This is just a well-polished film short made by Kevin Tancharoen to show WB where he wants to take the franchise and to gauge fan reaction regarding another MK installment.  I’m not so sure we need another Mortal Kombat movie, but if this idea actually takes off, then at least the director can start his project knowing that he can’t possibly do worse than the first two flicks.  I like the real-world/Batman Begins style utilized by Tancharoen but there are definitely a lot of other ways MK could be improved:

1) Bring back Bridgette Wilson.  Better yet, bring back a scantily-clad Bridgette Wilson.  We all miss her.  Damn you, Pete Sampras.  Damn you straight to hell.
2) Dare I suggest this?  Get rid of the stupid underground mma tournament bullshit.  It’s the stupidest and most overplayed storyline in cinema.  I don’t care if it represents the core of the entire franchise.  You don’t need it.  If you make your characters interesting enough, then the audience is going to want to see them doing interesting things (see Watchmen, The Dark Knight), struggling through their own unique character arcs.  Putting them all in the same fight club is retarded because it makes everything redundant and generic.  I’ve seen Bloodsport.  I get it.
3) Since when does Baraka have dreadlocks?  He looked like the breakdance fighter from Zoolander.  Go back to his MK2 roots when he looked scary as hell.
4) Keep Michael Jai White as Jax.  Dude’s a beast.  That “Jackson” on the door with the “on” wiped off was a sick idea by the way.
5) Don’t make Sub-Zero like Mr. Freeze.  He can be so much better than that.
6) Hire Tony Jaa as Lui Kang.  I don’t care if he’s “retired” and living at a monastery right now.  Go fucking get him.

I could keep going, but I don’t get paid for this shit.  There’s no off position on the genius switch.  Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Chronic

    “Hire Tony Jaa as Lui Kang. I don’t care if he’s “retired” and living at a monastery right now. Go fucking get him.”

    Thats really the best person ont eh earth for that.

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