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Too Many G&T’s

In: Random

Posted By: The Booze at 11:01 am

4 Jun 2010

Got to work 2 hours late this morning…Had a few too many gin and tonics last night. Now I’m at the office listening to Eileen the receptionist’s ideas on how to wake up in the morning. “get a cat!” “get a dog!” “put your alarm clock on the other side of the room!” I’m contemplating punching her in the tit. Sang a great rendition of Love Stinks by J Geils Band at karaoke last night, but there was hardly anyone at the bar, so it was kind of a waste. The celtics sucked last night. I hit on the one group of girls there (weren’t very attractive), they told me I looked like vanilla ice…By far the worst compliment I’ve ever gotten. I have a splitting headache and my mouth is drier than mitch hedberg’s sense of humor. <—just made that up. So you may be asking yourself, why did he make this blog post? Why should I give a shit? My response to that is: Go suck an elephant dick.

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