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Survival Tip of the Day (News Edition)

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:40 am

25 May 2010

MIDDLEFIELD, Conn.State police said a man died after falling off a cliff Saturday night on Kickapoo Road. Michael Beaudry, 20, of Meriden, was drinking and hanging out with three friends on the cliff, state police said.

One of his friends dropped her phone and it landed on a ledge. Police said Beaudry tried to retrieve the cell phone, but lost his footing. He fell about 75 feet.

Meriden police said they received calls from residents on Collindale Drive after hearing people calling for help. Middlefield and Meriden fire crews found Beaudry after his fall, state police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Survival Tip: No matter how bad you want to get in her pants, don’t volunteer to save a girl’s cell phone from an 80-foot drop. That’s putting the pussy on a pedestal.

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    I was one of the friends he was with, and your survival tip disgusts me. I had to watch my friend die. Its going to haunt me forever. It wasnt about the girl, its because he is the sweetest most caring man i have ever met and he always did things for others. i am disgusted in this site.

  • pedoPhil

    u seem like a terrible friend, who gets drunk near a cliff?

  • topher

    If he's such a sweet and caring man then why don't you marry him. oh wait…


    You disgust me. No reason to hurt people like this. You dont even know him or me. Please just stop being so insensitive is all i ask.

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