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Put all pedophiles on their own island?

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Posted By: Alfred K at 1:41 am

19 May 2010

This guy is running for Gov. of California; from his website:

As your governor, my number one promise to you is to remove all pedophiles from the State of California. We can do this. We as parents care about our children. They are our gift from God and it is our responsibility to keep them from harm. I urge you to e-mail family, friends, associates, colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances urging them to vote for Douglas R. Hughes for Governor of California. Let’s get these sick pedophiles out of our neighborhoods for good.

Currently, our government places pedophiles in prison. After short sentences, they are released back into our neighborhoods to rape our children. How mentally ill can one government be? Why should Californians tolerate this practice?

As governor I will introduce legislation to impose mandatory expulsion of convicted pedophiles from the State of California as a condition of release from prison.

Pedophiles in the State of California will have three (3) choices:

1. Leave our State of California permanently;

2. Live on Santa Rosa Island (a self supporting community for pedophiles and sexual offenders);

3. Remain in prison for life

Gotta love these crazies that come out of the woodwork this time of year. This lady came cruising down the headquarters in the Boston financial district last week, blaring crazy rhetoric on a megaphone.

Now this guy is trying to challenge the governator. I just have a few counterpoints.

If you hide all the pedophiles, who is going to:
1) Entertain me on “to catch a predator”?
2) Get raped in prison?
3) Get eggs thrown at their house on halloween?
4) Join the priesthood?

I think the better idea is castration, I’d vote for that.

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