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Man Tries To Trade His Baby For Two 40 Ounce Beers

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Posted By: The Booze at 10:43 am

18 May 2010

Boston.comA Northampton man is facing a child endangerment charge after allegedly attempting to exchange his baby for two 40-ounce beers at a Chicopee truck stop Monday afternoon, Chicopee Police said this morning. Police responded about 1 p.m. to the incident at the Pride gas station and convenience store on Burnett Road.

Matthew Brace, 24, of Northampton was pushing his 3-month-old daughter in a stroller when he approached a man who was repairing an air compressor, said Chicopee Deputy Police Chief William Jebb.

“Mr. Brace picked up the stroller and put it inside the [man’s commercial work] truck along with the baby and asked for two 40s,” Jebb said.

“We brought him in here to talk to him, and he appeared to be on some form of narcotic and acting all out of character,” he said. The repairman went inside the truck stop and had somebody call the police, Jebb said.

When police arrived, Brace was allegedly hiding the stroller behind a dumpster while his girlfriend, who was inside the store during the incident, walked away with the baby.

Brace was not arrested, the Associated Press reported. But he is expected to face charges of reckless endangerment of a child in court, Jebb said. The child is in the custody of the state Department of Children and Families.

Two 40′s? That’s the going rate for a baby these days? Damn, this country really has fallen on hard times. Screw the housing market, the infant trade is a much more telling economic barometer.

- Thanks to Chris for the tip.

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  • pedoPhil

    i'd buy a baby for 2 40's…but only a dead baby

  • Sport Strollers

    That guy is a BS and also a irresponsible father to his child.

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