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Judges Paid to send kids to for-profit jail

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Posted By: Alfred K at 9:35 am

18 May 2010

SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) ? Two former county judges discussed receiving kickbacks and plotted perjury with the owner of a private juvenile detention facility, who recorded the conversations, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors on Tuesday filed a brief including transcripts of conversations they say were between attorney Robert Powell and former Luzerne County judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella.
The judges have been accused of taking $2.8 million in kickbacks from Powell and the builder of the detention center to send youth offenders to certain for-profit detention facilities. The scandal prompted the state Supreme Court to vacate thousands of juvenile convictions.

Ahh, Scranton PA. Home of our beloved friends on “The Office” and…corrupt judges who take money to send kids to jail.

Judge mindset:
“Well, I make 200K per year and have glorious state benefits. But…..I could use a helper monkey, cuz those things rule. If I get $20 per kid sent to this private facility…MY GOD, this should be a breeze!” Soon after, bike helmet enforcement levels in PA rose dramatically.

By the way, this “private detention center” for kids is run by NAMBLA, sources say. By the way, hit that link, their site is real, and full of GOLD.

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