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Soccer Ref Pulls Yellow Card On A Dead Player

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:24 am

17 May 2010

ThemercuryA soccer player booked by a no-nonsense referee for diving had in fact dropped dead of a heart attack.

Goran Tunjic, a 32-year-old defender playing for the Croatian side Mladost, collapsed and fell over after being tackled in the 35th minute of a game against local rivals Hrvatski Sokola.

The ref, who had warned the teams in their dressing rooms before kick-off that he would deal firmly with any play-acting, promptly strode across the pitch to the prone player and waved a yellow card at him.

The Sokola supporters cheered but players who gathered around saw Tunjic was in serious trouble.

The referee realised his mistake and called for medical aid. The unconscious Tunjic was stretchered from the field and taken to a nearby hospital. But he was declared dead on arrival, with doctors saying he had almost certainly died on the pitch from a massive heart attack.

I completely stand behind the actions of this referee. Soccer players are some of the biggest pussies  in sports. I’m starting to think they spend half their practices rehearsing dives and pained facial expressions. Let this be a lesson that if you cry wolf enough times, you’re not going to get the benefit of the doubt when you actually get hurt.

This reminds me of the time my friend Joe and I were out drinking and he started to complain about a stomachache. I just called him a pussy and ordered another round of shots. As he ran off to the bathroom, I heckled him and called him a Sally. Joe died later that night of alcohol poisoning. Good times.

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