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Carcillo: “Savvy Bit Me! And It Really Hurt!”

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:28 am

4 May 2010

Yahoo - Carcillo claims that Savard bit him on the finger when the two were all tied up by the Flyers net with about six minutes left in the second period, according to the Boston Herald.

“The last time I was bit was in grade school,” said Carcillo when asked if there were bite marks on his hand. “It’s not a good feeling and it’s pretty cowardly.”

Savard didn’t deny the accusation: “He pummeled on my face,” Savard told the Herald. “He pulled on my teeth, so I guess that’s biting when a guy tries to pull your front teeth out like his. I don’t see how that (is biting).”

This guy is such a little bitch. Who complains about a bitten finger? The guy was throwing uppercuts at savard after the whistle and somehow we came away with the only penalty. Nobody is going to believe you when you clearly still have your gloves on after the altercation. Speaking of grade school, Carcillo’s acting like a tattle tale trying to send Savard to the principal’s office. Grow up and play hockey.

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