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An explanation for Nova’s shitty NCCA showing

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Posted By: Alfred K at 12:24 pm

28 Apr 2010

I don’t know about you, but I had Nova going final four this year…you know what happened.  They probably should have gone down in the 1st round, they were that bad.

Since Villanova was unceremoniously bounced from the NCAA tournament on March 21 by St. Mary’s, many emails have been fired off by frustrated alumni explaining how this happened to their precious team. The reason? Corey Fisher impregnated Scottie Reynolds’s girlfriend, of course. Or vice versa. Here’s a sample of the farcical tale filling inboxes of curious Nova grads the past couple weeks, sparked by Reynolds’s and Fisher’s benching at the start of their first-round game against Robert Morris:

This is an easy one to verify as everyone on the Villanova campus knows it. Anyway, Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher, Nova’s two best players, were benched for the start of first round tournament game against Robert Morris, for what Jay Wright called a “minor teaching point.” Reynolds who was an All American this year, was awful the whole tournament and the team seemed off the last few weeks of the year. The minor teaching point and reason behind the demise of this fine Catholic institution’s pristine basketball team? Reynolds and Fisher got into an all out brawl the night before the game because Fisher was not only banging Reynold’s girlfriend, he got her pregnant. There’s team unity for ya!

Villanova media relations person Michael Sheridan, in a rare moment of a PR person dignifying an email rumor, responded due to the speed with which this spread around campus. “Absolutely no truth to it,” he said. Makes perfect sense. However, there’s an eerie familiarity to this tale, particularly since it was also the reason the 2001-02 Syracuse team imploded. In the Syracuse version, Preston Shumpert was the barebacking cheater, and DeShaun Williams was the jilted boyfriend:

According to other drunk people in a bar on Marshall street, Preston Shumpert had gotten Deshaun Williams’ girlfriend pregnant. As soon as that rumor surfaced the entire season went down the drain. Over the next 13 games the team went 4-9, missing the NCAA tourney, and making it only as far as the NIT (Nobody Interested Television) semi-finals. After that year Preston failed to get drafted (he was a pre-season lock for the 1st round) and DeShaun transferred to Iona (institution on North Avenue…near my home) to play for the Gales where he slipped into Ryan Leaf-esque obscurity.

(via deadspin)

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