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The First Illegal Immigrants

In: Random

Posted By: Alfred K at 11:54 am

26 Apr 2010

Lol, Arizona sucks.

I love Kirsten Joyce and all her hot, pretend sympathy for this poor Mexican fellow.

Jackie, nice hair.

And finally this:

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  • The-Viking

    Yeah why don't you ask the Indians how Immigration worked out for them, idiot. This is the worst political cartoon I have ever seen. OR it could be the best, I guess I don't know what side you are on.

  • me

    hey i am all for ridding these disease infested alien immigrants- why can't they infest their own country. so what if it takes a few innocent people down, this country will be cleaner and safer.

  • alk

    open the borders, the point of the cartoon is that noone owns the earth, thus noone has the right to keep people from entering a country.

    people come to america to get a better life. once they come here and realize how shitty it is, they will be off for canada…lol

  • truth

    i dont think u understand this, the indians did not believe in land ownership, they were nomads. thus it would be ironic if they had been as harsh towards immigrants as the people of arizona are being.

  • squanto

    Al K is against the AZ bill, therefore the cartoon makes sense in this context because it points out that we “Americans” were once immigrants, too, and it jokes that the Indians could have been assholes about us entering their land. And the Indians being nomads thing is a ludicrous blanket statement by the way. Sure some tribes may have been nomadic, especially those located in harsher climates with poorer soil or sparse or mobile game. But most lived in tribes/communities with their own distinct territories. They protected those territories as needed. They farmed. They bred new strains of seeds for crops. They taught settlers how to farm. Farming doesn't happen overnight. Nomads don't farm, they hunt and gather. But the no land “ownership” statement I can agree with.

  • The-Viking

    My point is the Indians SHOULD have been fucking assholes. My point is that they were TOO complacent and they let their land get infested and overrun by immigrants and then BAM they got fucking extinct for all intents and purposes. That's why this cartoon would is stupid, to me it shouts we need more enforcement not less. You think if you could go back and show the Chiefs what would happen to them in time they wouldn't have sunk those 3 ships the second they landed??? You're a fool.

  • squanto

    I don't disagree with what you wrote. I have no problem with the AZ bill. I think you're completely missing my point – I was just explaining the cartoon and refuting the nomad statement. You're trying to put words in my mouth. Obviously the Indians should have been dicks in retrospect. No shit. That's the understatement of the century. However, you just made yourself sound like a fucking retard. How exactly were the Indians supposed to repel Europeans from their shores? Europeans had fucking guns and foreign diseases. The Indians had no shot from the moment the Americas were discovered. If they had somehow scuttled the nina, pinta, and santa maria, then it wouldn't have done shit. That landing party was the first of thousands – the Indians were going to get run over whether they fought against it or not. Don't talk shit when you're presenting an asinine argument.

  • The-Viking

    I think that if they had sunk Columbus's ship it would of at least delayed their holocaust a little while. Everyone still thought the world was flat at that point and if Columbus had never returned that myth would have probably perpetuated for another couple of decades.
    Look, the Nordes actually discovered America, but they met a tribe who weren't pussies and got attacked by a vastly superior in numbers force, and decided fuck these clowns we aint going back there. Just saying.

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