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Howsyaday, Matt Ellis?

In: Sports

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 12:35 am

20 Apr 2010

Sick game tonight.  There’s a lot I want to praise, but I’ll try to be quick.  Even though the shot totals were close, the B’s dominated the play in every zone.  We already know no one can score on us, and that didn’t change tonight, especially with Tuuka pulling out flashy glove saves on point blank slap shots like he’s playing catch with a two year old girl.  Our breakouts were clean.  If we could go tape to tape, the passes were completed tape to tape.  If we had to wing the puck around the boards, the man collecting the puck did so quickly and moved it quickly.  These short breakout passes and our speed through the neutral zone opened up one-timers for players trailing the rush (nice hustle by the D and the off-side wingers to beat the backcheckers into the zone).  These goals are awesome to watch because the goal usually ends up being an absolute snipe.  Dennis “Hands” Wideman was Exhibit A tonight.  I can’t think of a better player to get a huge confidence boost at the start of the playoffs.  I always tell the Booze, almost every single thing Wideman does with the puck, I would do the exact opposite.  It’s uncanny.  Tonight I actually thought he played a great game, minus a couple giveaways.  Great to see Bergeron get the game-winner.  Kid wins 80%+ of the battles he gets into along the boards, has great vision, and you never see him make a dumb play or take a retarded penalty.  Kudos to Recchi for popping Kennedy and having the patience to wait for Bergeron to open up in the slot.  And last but not least, Johnny Hammer Boychuk delivered the hit of the playoffs tonight.  Everyone in the building saw him coming except for Matt Ellis.  Keep your head up, son.  By the way, Boychuk and Rask have awesome Bruins names, reminiscent of Neely, Orr, Bourque, Moog, Bucyk, etc.  Anyway, you can tell the B’s are loving the Garden atmosphere, and they’ll fight their balls off for 60+ on Wednesday night.  The Sabres need to step it up.  That would be one long puddle jump back to the HSBC to play in what could be an elimination game on Friday.

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  • mike

    I wasn't there, but the garden sounded as loud as it has been all year.. bye bye sabers

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