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An Eye-Opening Day

In: Sports

Posted By: The Booze at 12:01 pm

5 Apr 2010

In the wintry 5 months between November and April a lot of things are written on paper. Trades, acquisitions, injury reports, and rumors litter the minds of baseball fans as they wait for opening day. The media will pretend to be experts, sabermetrics will decide your team’s fate before they even step on the field, a fat Curt Schilling will join a broadcast crew and ramble off 10 minutes of statistics that nobody cares about.

Yet despite all of the predictions and expert picks, the games are not won and lost on paper. The uncertainty of competition is what makes all sports fun to watch. A preseason juggernaut, I’ve spent 6 months watching the Bruins struggle offensively with my own two eyes. So why should I believe shitheads like Felger and Massarotti when they predict a season of offensive struggles for the Sox? It’s all bullshit.

In a game built up to be a pitchers duel, the Red Sox and Yankees put a combined 16 runs on the board Sunday night. 10 of those 16 runs came off ACES Beckett and Sabathia. 13 of 24 hits came from the 6-9 hitters. The supposed lack of “pop” in the Red Sox lineup was answered by a 5’9 second baseman. Even Mike Cameron looked pretty damn good.

Yes, we’re looking at a small sample size, but what’s with the pessimism around here these days? We’re all spoiled by big stars and a run of championships. It’s time we say screw what’s on paper, screw the numbers. As long as there’s a human element, there’s a reason to hope. Yankees suck.

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