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Drink of the Week: Sailor Jerry

In: Drink of the Week

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 1:10 pm

2 Apr 2010

I was talking to some chick last night that said she worked for the supplier for Sailor Jerry in the New England area.  She said we should stop drinking Cap’ns and start drinking Sailor Jerry because it tastes better, it’s cheaper, it’s 92 proof instead of 70 proof, and it has some great backstory (Sailor Jerry was a famous tattoo artist in Hawaii who had a distinct style of artwork, he entrusted his designs to his proteges – Ed Hardy and some other guy – before he died, these two developed a brand of t-shirts and rum).  I told her I hated Ed Hardy t-shirts almost as much as I hated the kids that wear them.  She told me I looked like Colt McCoy.  I told her she looked like Christina Ricci.  Then she bought a round of shots for me and my friends.  Of Sailor Jerry.

-Sailor Jerry Rum
-the rare desire to drink rum instead of whiskey

If you’re going home for the holiday this weekend, enjoy going out with your hometown friends.  I already know I’ll be pounding tall Rolling Rocks at the Uno’s on Rt. 9 in Westboro for the game Sunday night.  Slainte.

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  • jerry o'connell

    fuck yes doc. i'll be crushin beers at uno's too. new britain ct. cept they still pour mich lights as the cheap beer for the tall glasses instead of rollin rocks. both tasty

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