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Archive for April, 2010

Lesser men need not apply for Grand Master Tetris Mode. I’ll tell you one thing, this guy must fuckin kill it with the ladies.


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30 Apr 2010

Ricky Is One Creepy Dude

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30 Apr 2010

Survival Tip: Don’t suck at Road Rage

It’s about time someone outdid the reigning champ.

ZSUZSANNA RIPLI is a 29 year-old model from Szigetvár, Hungary. She has only been modeling for a couple of years so there is not much information about her online. I doubt any of you actually read the text in these posts anyway. On to the pics…

Hahaha I obviously wasn’t going to post this until he threw on the shades at the end. That had me laughing pretty good.

You’re welcome.


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