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Introducing Vagina-Scented Perfume…seriously.

In: How is this real?

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 1:19 pm

30 Mar 2010

Dallas, TX – A new scent claims to accurately capture the “the vaginal scent of a beautiful woman.” Vulva Original bills itself not as a perfume, but an erotic feminine scent designed to offer pleasure and arousal by smelling it. It is not clear what compromises the concoction but it is advertised as being a “slightly yellow, desirable substance” that contains “more organic content.” Users are urged to apply it to certain areas of the body via a roll-on applicator. The product, apparently available only online via its official Web site, sells for about $33. The site is peppered with provocative photos and opens with a video depicting a woman working out on a stationary exercise bike.

Well, you’re probably wondering which way we’re gonna go with this one.  Besides the fact that the entire idea of vagina-scented perfume is ridiculous, maybe we should talk about how no perfume with the word “vulva” in the name should ever be “slightly yellow” in color.  Maybe we should talk about how $33 is an absurd price to pay for a scent that men scrub off their hands with industrial soap upon many a Sunday morning wake-up.  Or maybe we should discuss the fact that Vulva Original’s decision to have a sweaty woman on an exercise bike welcome you to their website makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little.  Let’s stick with this one for a second.  Without looking at their website, I’m picturing a hot, sweaty chick in spandex smiling at the camera.  Unfortunately, I’m also picturing a guy in a lab coat holding a funnel below her bike seat with the end draining into a perfume bottle with a “Vulva Original” sticker on the side.  And yes, the guy in the lab coat is tossing you a big thumbs up.

By the way, keep an eye out for Boozeworthy’s product release of a revolutionary new cologne.  We’re calling it Grundle Sweat, and we’ll be offering it through our website for $55/bottle during the first heat wave of summer.  Save your pennies and stay tuned.

(Update:  Here’s the video from the website, and it turns out I wasn’t too far off earlier.  In fact, their version might be even more cringe-inducing…)

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