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The 13th Street Interactive Horror Movie Experience

In: Movies

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 12:17 pm

16 Mar 2010

So many things to say about this video, but I’m basically just thinking about how hot that chick in the movie was.  If I get her out of the building from Hostel alive, I figure the least she could do would be to give me a quickie backstage.

On a more pertinent note, I think the only way I could get freaked out by this is if I was hopped up on mushrooms and booze.  Also, how much do you think it would cost to hire that voiceover guy to walk behind me for a day and narrate the goings-on of my life?

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  • Chronic

    Anyone remember the movies where you hit A B or C and the character did what the majority of the audience chose. Those kinda sucked, but were alright, this seems better. Except that 50 cell phones will go off during the movie from everyone keeping theirs on.
    PS pass those mushrooms to me and I concur with the narration. that'd be the tits.

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