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Old soccer announcer gets all fired up.

In: Sports

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 2:03 pm

15 Mar 2010

(That’s the same guy, right? All old Italians look like bakers to me.)

I know what you’re thinking.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if American networks put opposing announcers in the booths during sporting events?  Well, you’re wrong, it wouldn’t work over here.  Mainly because the majority of our sports announcers feel pressured to at least give the impression of remaining unbiased, and I don’t see many of them ever getting fired up the way old Gepetto does here.

Of course there’s always the exception to the rule.  It could work Tommy Heinsohn.  That old bastard was born for this job.  Plus, the only two American sports I think this could work for would be basketball and hockey.  I think Jack Edwards would be decent, but he lags behind a bit on his general knowledge of the game of hockey.  Someone like Barry Melrose would tear him apart, even if Barry’s making some sort of ridiculous argument.  Maybe if he and Brinkley worked as a tag team, they could take on the country together.  I’m sure every city has a biased announcer with a flair for the theatric, willing to throw their hat into the ring.  Except maybe Seattle.  The constant rain makes all their announcers sound like Cleveland Brown.

Too bad American networks have no balls and would never broadcast a game in this way.  I think the Italians really have something here.  It’s strange, but I have a similar reaction when someone finally scores a goal in soccer: “Something actually happened!  Something actually happened! Andiamooooo!!!

(Thanks to Ross for the tip.)

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