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Sidney Morning Herald on the Drug War

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Posted By: Alfred K at 8:37 pm

6 Mar 2010

ANOTHER week, another massive drug bust. This one was on Thursday in Hinchinbrook, where the police found a drug laboratory said to be capable of producing $10million worth of ecstasy. Sigh.

All power to the courageous men and women of the NSW Police Force who do this stuff but, truly, hands up who thinks all this effort will make a blind bit of difference in the long run, any more than it ever has? Hands up who thinks there is any way around the laws of supply and demand, which state that when you make a bust like this, you simply push up the profits even more for the human scum who push the drugs and, thus, more and more of them rush in?

Good. While your hands are up, give yourself an uppercut. The only sane approach is to put all of our resources into education programs to highlight the health risks of drugs, normalise the drug laws and free the police and the prisons alike from being bogged in a war that can never be won.

Oh, do stop squawking. Sane policy is to deal with the world as it is, not the way we wish it was. Laws of prohibition on products that millions of people like never have worked, and never will work.

I mean, its so blatantly true.  It makes you wonder if most politicians that support the war on drugs are actually paid off by drug lords?  In any event, when the Australians are the only ones talking sense, you know you got problems.

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  • caption obvious fag.

    they's not from australia, post ruined.

  • rod ronney

    they're from new zealand and they mention that fact nearly every episode. they even get into a feud with aussies in one episode. have you ever seen flight of the conchords?

  • The Booze

    Either of you think that maybe he was calling them Australians just to get your goat? Is that not a recurring joke in the show? Do you really care that much to comment about this?

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